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Turn and Burn - Inside The World Of Barrel Racing

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In the rodeo world, it’s the second most anticipated event behind bull riding. In America, it’s arguably the most popular women’s sport. It’s that rare event where mostly ladies compete, a blend of beauty and grace, speed and control, horse and rider. It’s Barrel Racing. Get the first ever all-access pass to go behind the scenes and beyond the fame to meet the women who make up Barrel Racing. Enjoy a first hand look at the unique mindset and deep commitment needed to compete in a sport where milliseconds separate the winner from the losers. Ride along on the long hauls for a life on the road as they crisscross the country from rodeo to rodeo. Share the unique bond they have with their horses that sometimes comes at the expense of family. Experience living on the financial edge, hoping and gambling they will have more wins that losses to come out ahead and make it to the Finals for a big payoff and the ultimate prize: the Title of Champion. The women live it, endure it and love it. See unprecedented, candid and in-depth interviews with top of the class: Sherry Cervi, Jackie Dube, Holly Foster, Tammy Key, Pam Minick, Molly Powell, Lyndee Stairs, Linda Vick and many others. David Wittkower, the Producer behind such acclaimed and pioneering documentaries like FIREFIGHT: STORIES FROM THE FRONTLINES and COWBOY UP: INSIDE THE EXTREME WORLD OF BULL RIDING, is again the first out of the gate for a never-before-seen personal and professional portrait of Barrel Racing from the best seat in the arena: the saddle.