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Top Hand Rodeo Tour (XBox 360 Kinect)

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Top Hand Rodeo Tour is the first and only authentic Rodeo video game for XBOX KINECT! Hop into the saddle and participate the most exciting events wrangled from the world of pro rodeo sports! Events include Bull Riding, Tie-Down Roping, Mounted Shooting, Team Roping, and Barrel Racing. With full Xbox 360® Kinect® controls, Top Hand Rodeo Tour delivers all of the thrills of being a professional cowboy competing on the pro rodeo circuit by using the exact motions, skills, and techniques that cowboys and cowgirls use to become the Top Hand Champion. Do you have what it takes to become the Top Hand Champion? Game Features *Live the cowboy experience through career mode with 8 arenas and 5 events including: *Bull Riding: Stay on the bull with one arm up for 8 seconds! *Tie Down Roping: Chase, rope, dismount horse and tie down calf as fast as possible *Team Roping (with second player or AI partner): Two cowboys work together to rope a steer as fast as possible *Mounted Shooting: Negotiate course on horseback while shooting at targets *Barrel Racing: Maneuver around obstacles in course in the fastest time possible without knocking any barrels over *Mini-Games: Add to your points with Speed Roping, Shooting Gallery, and Riding Fences *XBOX LIVE Leader boards: Brag about your cowboy skills via rankings and achievements *Multi-Player: Compete against 3 others in turn-based offline game play