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Gold Buckle Dreams "The Rodeo Life of Chris Ledoux"

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Chris LeDoux was a rodeo icon, known for his ability to ride bareback horses and a world championship. But Chris also had a talent with a guitar and an ability to put the life and thoughts of a rodeo cowboy into song. With the help of his family Chris started selling audio cassettes out of his rigging bag at rodeos, just as a way to help pay his way down the road. Little did he or anyone else know that after he hung up his bareback rigging and stowed the rigging bag, that he would become a country music sensation, Gold Buckle Dreams: The Life and Times if Chris LeDoux tells not only of Chris's life growing up and on into rodeo, but is has been expanded to include his life after rodeo. **Water Damage books half off, due to water damage from one of our booths at one of the rodeos we went to last summer (2014)