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Flex Thin Pro Ride Right Leather Vest

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The Flex Thin Pro Vest offers more protection per unit of thickness than our other models. It is Ride Right’s newest design and is 30 percent thinner than previous models. Built with an updated version of Ride Right’s Impact Dispersing Shield TM (IDS Technology), the Flex Thin Pro provides riders with all the comfort and performance features they need to endure the gut-wrenching abuses of the rodeo arena.

  • Zippered front for easy access. The zipper is backed with high-density foam and ballistic material to protect this small but vital area.
  • Ultra-light, weighing in just under two pounds.
  • Customizable fit, with three detachable segments and a variety of adjustable fasteners.
  • Maximum body coverage across chest and under arms.
  • Competition-ready, with number tabs, front pockets, and breakaway shoulders.
  • Uses many of the same quality materials found in our 1200 series Bull Riding Vest, which tested above and beyond the BETA 7 specifications for Body Protectors

NOTE: Availability :  Delivery time for the Flex Thin Pro is currently running about 5 weeks 

SPECIFICATIONS: Covering: 2.5 to 3 oz weight Black Leather

Liner: Professional Grade Athletic Mesh

Protective Components:
Impact Dispersing Shield TM, or IDS Technology TM;  Ride Right's proprietary protective shield made from fourth generations ballistic material which is mechanical fastened to an ultra-thin, high-density sports foam.

Thermoformed Shock Absorber (heated and pressed into a grid system which allows flexible movement while maintaining continuous coverage) made with Zote Foam (high quality closed cell cross-linked polyethylene blown in a nitrogen chamber to maintain consistent cell size).

Weight: Approximately 2 lbs (varies by leather thickness).

Flexibility: extremely flexible following short break-in period.